Building asset

Guild system

A building system for the players to place 3d objects in the world.

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Clan system


there is not a suggested asset for this one.


Objects placed in world by players will have atributes that can be given to any object in world, a single object can have multiple function.

1 door : on player interact, players will be transported to specified coordinates, (coordinates can be in another map)

2 invissible : object with this function will be invissible for players, and transparent for admin

3 inmortal: object can not be destroyed

4 health: object has specified hit points

5 faction: object has faction # wich will be a number asociated to the player that placed the item in world or if was placed by admin it will be 0

6 explosive: object will explode if destroyed, exploding range and strenght must be specified

7 collidable: by default all objects will have this function "true"

8 build: by default will be "false", players can only place 3dobjects on objects that has this option "true"


Players can create Guilds, a guild can have a base, located in a player election place, in wolrd, the base is formed by a basic prefab building, and the surrounding areas of that building, will be available for build only for the guild members,  the space of the clan can be increased by reaching certain amount of players, and will have a cost of game currency.

The leaders of the clan can set small areas inside the clan area, and allow other members to build in that area

Guilds can be besieged by other guilds, by destroying the main building, the guild base will be disbanded, the land can be claimed again

Each map will have a maximun number of guild base,

Guilds will have a rent, the leader has to pay montly in order to keep the base active, if not, the guild base will be destroyed by IA Characters, and the land will be available for claim again

the base area will be established by an invissible cube object, players can not build out of that area.